Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This was the great cake Josh made me for my birthday. He's great at whatever he attempts:)

KesLee was sick with mono back in December (I know a 2 yr. old mono?) anyway unkee josh was kind enough to help me babysit. Well our family is very into the "natural" health and this is what I came home to. Needless to say she was doing much better after we put her "special shoes" on.

Kes and Unkee Josh

Ever since Kes was born she's had a special bond with her "Unkee Josh." He takes her shopping and to McDonalds and even taught her how to SPIT off the bridge!! I think at times she loves him more than me, LOL!! They're great friends and we're so greatful to have him SO CLOSE!!! (he's our roommate for those who didn't know:)

Twiners...Cal and Kel

More picture of Kes and Me

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kelly Tagged Me

Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each question:
1. What is your name? Cali

2. 4 letter word: Cape
3. Vehicle: Chevrolet
4. City: Cheyenne
5. Boy Name: Carter
6. Girl Name: Courtney
7. Pet Name: Caiya
8. Occupation: Call Center agent
9. Something you wear: Cardigan
10. Celebrity: Cameron Diaz(?)
11. Food: Chocolate
12. Found in a bathroom: Comb
13. Reason for Being Late: Car won't start
14. Cartoon Character: Cookie Monster
15. Something you shout: Call me
16. Animal: cat
17. Body part: Chest
18. Word to describe you: Caring
19. Something you like to do: Chat
20. Place you'd like to be: Cancun

Monday, May 26, 2008

Some of her first Pictures

Here are a few pictures of miss KesLee Kay when she was a few years younger!!! She has grown up so fast. And just keeps getting CUTER!!!